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Jane Mark, Sokule President

From Jane Mark, Sokule President, JAMInc
My partner Phil and I have been building lists online for 19 years, and now we are going to do that for you.

Look What Sokule Is Up To Today

  • What part of 7-billion would you like to share?
  • Hi, Start your day off with a bang.
  • Over 7-billion Traffic hits have been delivered to our members at Profit From Free Ads.
  • Here’s the Story:
  • Sometimes Numbers Come along that is simply stunning.
  • These numbers tell the story of Success.
  • 1342 Days since Launch
  • 7,672 513,202 ad Views Delivered (That’s Billion with a B)
  • 78,109,775 Solo Ads Sent (That’s million with an M)
  • These numbers are off the charts stunning!
  • These are the numbers from the very popular, very lucrative, high traffic site is called:

Profit From Free Ads.

  • I will put 70,000 Free Ad Credits into your account
  • when you sign up under my link today. (Value 350.00)
  • That’s a Value of $350.00 just for signing up.
  • Make Yourself part of the number of the magic that is going on at Profit From Free Ads.
  • Profit From Free Ads Can Make You A Fortune!

The Numbers Tell a Story.

  • They are Fact Not Fiction.
  • You can write your own success story starting today.
  • We hit 7-billion
  • It is signed sealed and delivered to you.
  • Hop on the train to 8-billion with us.
  • This is a high traffic site with
  • A High-click through solo ad mailer.
  • And high earnings up to 548.50 per sale.
  • It does not get any better than this.

Use The Real Power of Profit From Free Ads…

Choose one of the ad packs that give a Lifetime Advertising to get you on the road to YOUR Success.

  • Send Solo Ads For Life
  • Give Away Free Ad Credits
  • Add to/Build a list the easy way
  • Grab some of the high daily-traffic
  • *The traffic just keeps on-coming.
  • *Earn Across 7 levels
  • *Earn up to 584.00 per sale.

The higher the Ad Pack Upgrade you choose, the more often you can use the mailer, the more traffic hits you get and the more money you will earn.
Think Bigger-Reach Higher-Grow-richer
Think like a Tycoon and go For Ad Pack 7
Go as high as you and start using the 7 billion power reach of Profit From Free Ads.

Shoot for the moon use this special link and Get a Double ‘Soken Bonus’

Profit From Free Ads

  • Start Your Own Business
  • Give Away Unlimited Free Ads And
  • Make Easy Money!
  • Send solo ads for life.
  • Earn up to $584.50 per sale.
  • Earn up to 50% on 7 Ad Pack levels 
  • Easily build a list.
  • Promote your favorite sites for life.

Reviewer’s Criteria

  • Trustworthiness – Superior
  • Product Quality – Superior
  • Price Range- Free to Big Ticket Options
  • Promotional Materials – Superior
  • Website Looks – Superior
  • Affiliate/Member Support – Superior
  • Skill Level – Beginners to Seasoned Marketing Veterans

Give Away Unlimited Free Ads

Every business needs advertising. It’s the difference between life or death for a business.
Anytime you can give away free advertising and earn money doing it is a good day and here’s why in a nutshell.

  • You can build a list of warm prospects by simply giving away FREE ad displays.
  • You get 2 online mailers so you can send solo ads for life.
  • You get a powerful pay plan to help you earn BIG bucks on each sale you make.
  • Get paid up to the level you join at.
  • You decide how much you want to earn.
  • Want to get paid on all ad pack levels, simply join at Ad Pack level 7.
  • You can giveaway Unlimited Ad Packs with ad display credits to build your list fast.

You get banner ads and text ads with enough ad credits to get you off to a great start.

Join Today and Get a Double ‘Soken Bonus’

You can join free, collect your FREE ad credits, take this amazing system for a spin, and upgrade later…
Before you continue as a free member there are some things you should know before you decide.
  • You will NOT be able to give away unlimited free ads and ad-views
  • You will NOT be able to promote the site as a free member.
  • You will NOT be able to earn commissions as a free member, and
  • You will NOT be able to send solo ads as a free member.
  • When we talk about 7 different ad-packs, we are not talking about MLM.
  • PFFA is NOT MLM. Each package is a separate ad-pack.
  • You can jump straight to ad-pack 7 if you wish,
  • but you need to purchase all ad-packs to do that.
  • As a free member, you can collect free ad credits and promote limited text and banner ads, however

When your ad credits run out you will need to earn more credits or upgrade.

  • If you choose one of the affordable ad packs below you can get off to a flying start and
  • begin making money straight away.
  • Prices begin at just $17.00. You pay once and that’s it.

Check out this highly popular site now and start filling your bank account today.

Join Profit From Free Ads for Free

Solve Your Advertising and Money Problems With Profit From Free Ads

If you’ve been struggling to find a combined advertising and income solution, then you will want to take a look at…

Send Solo Ads for Life…

There are tons of people who sell solo ads online.

  • You can purchase mailings from 100 clicks up to 3000 clicks
  • starting at $75.00 up to $2250.00 and that is just 1 solo ad run.

But what kind of results do you think you might get if you could send solo ads for life for a one-time fee?
And if we gave you the ability to build a list of warm prospects fast by simply giving away FREE ad displays do you think your results might improve?
And do you think your results might increase even more if we gave you

  • 2 powerful online mailers so you can send solo ads for life 
  • to our entire membership as well as your own personally sponsored members?

You know that a responsive list means more money in your pocket, right?
And what if we gave you banner ads and text ads with

  • enough ad credits to get you the exposure you need for your favorite websites.
  • This should help you stuff some green spending stuff in your pocket.

Check out this popular site today and start stuffing some green spending stuff in your pocket today…
Join my success team now.
Tycoon Level 7 Member
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Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD

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